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About the Logo

The logo is a representation of both the seen and unseen world.  In the seen world, all shapes are made of curved and/or straight lines.   In the unseen world all things are good (white), evil (black), or personal preference/neutral (gray).


The logo also represents God’s relationship with man; 1” for On, “0” for Off, and “1” for On again.  In the beginning God and man were in right relationship, “On.”  When man committed sin against God, that relationship was broken, “Off.”  God’s love for man made a way for man to re-establish right relationship through Jesus Christ forever, “On.”


A friend once said, in so many words, that true genius does not lie in 5 syllable words and complex mathematical equations; it lies in the simple things.  Thanks Richard.

S I M P L E   T H I N G S

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