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S I M P L E   T H I N G S

To Seek Equality is to Seek Inferiority

© Copyright. Simple Things. Mark E. Holmes

Author: Mark E. Holmes


To be equal means to be the same as something else.


To be superior means to have no equal, to be above all others.


The equality seeker, who wants to be equal with those who are superior, will always find the goal of superiority out of reach, for it is impossible to seek to be the same while seeking to have no equal.


It is impossible to seek to be the same while being above all others.


Those who seek equality can only hope to achieve the past accomplishments of those who are superior.


In other words, those who seek equality can only do what those who are superior have already done, not what those who are superior are doing.


For this reason, the equality seeker can never be first, the leader, or the head of any endeavor because all of his efforts can only bring him somewhere less than superior.


The equality seeker is never a threat to the superiority seekers position because to seek equality is to seek inferiority.

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