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S I M P L E   T H I N G S

Ways to Peace

© Copyright. Simple Things. Mark E. Holmes

Author: Mark E. Holmes


Peace can be obtained with mankind through one or a combination of the following ways:

  • Diplomacy:  the art and practice of conducting negotiations without arousing hostility

  • Intimidation:  to make timid or fearful, to compel or deter by threats

  • War:  a state of usually open and declared armed conflict, a struggle between opposing forces for a particular end

  • Surrender:  to yield the power, control,  or possession of another upon compulsion or demand, to give oneself up to the power of another, yield.


Peace can only be obtained, however, with the Almighty by one of the above methods. Diplomacy cannot be used to obtain peace with the Almighty because there are no resources to use in the negotiation process. No one possesses any leverage capability either real or imagined. Intimidation or war cannot be used, for how or by what means could anyone possibly cause the Almighty to fear or overcome one who has all might?


Peace can only be obtained in one or a combination of these ways in dealing with mankind. However, surrender is the only way to obtain peace with the Almighty.

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